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+ Modern e-ink (e-paper) screen,
+ Dual-band GPS/GLONASS receiver,
+ Dust and water-resistant housing.

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+ Attractive price,
+ Manufacturer's warranty,
+ Trade-in discount for new models.

How did MAD racing become better than others?

     Once upon a time, a system engineer named Dmitry Mazanov came to motorsports and got carried away with rally raids. Deciding to equip his motorcycle, he was greatly disappointed with the rally devices available on the market and their prices. Everything that the Internet presented looked like devices from the 70s-80s of the last century, but having prices of a modern flagship smartphonesOnce an engineer and system technician named Dmitry Mazanov became interested in motorsports and specifically rally raids. When he decided to equip his motorcycle, he was disappointed by the rally instruments available on the market and their high prices. Everything he found online looked like devices from the 70s-80s and cost as much as a modern flagship smartphone. Unsatisfied with this situation, Dmitry tried out the most popular instruments during races, made a list of requirements for an ideal device from a racer's perspective, and set out to create it...

     After two years of active development and testing in real racing conditions, and winning over a dozen competitions at the highest level, MAD Racing underwent an evolution. Two types of rally computers (rally tripmeter) were introduced: the satellite "MAD racing ODO GPS+GLONASS" and the wheel/propshaft rotation sensor "MAD racing ODO wheel".
The satellite version "MAD racing ODO GPS+GLONASS" features a modern dual-band GPS/GLONASS receiver and is capable of displaying distance, course, and speed with high accuracy. The wheel version is also versatile and has modes for distance and speed.

Both models feature a 3" high-resolution e-ink (e-paper) display, created using modern technology often referred to as "electronic paper", which provides excellent readability, eliminates glare and reflections, and has low power consumption. All MAD Racing devices come with a dust- and water-resistant casing made of durable plastic and waterproof connectors. Mounting bolts and connectors are compatible with other manufacturers' devices, making MAD Racing suitable for all popular installations, and peripheral devices from other manufacturers such as external buttons, power switches, and other devices can be connected.


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Золото Кагана Gold of Kaghan
4V rally raid romania
Baja Ukraine 2021
Hills of Russia Холмы России 2021
Hills of Russia Холмы России 2021 2 этап
MRC моторалликап motorallycup 2021 Бологое
MRC моторалликап motorallycup 2021
MRC моторалликап motorallycup 2021 Андреаполь Andreapol
Hills of Russia Холмы России 2019 Тереньга, Ульяновская область

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     MAD racing was founded in 2019 by Dmitry Mazanov, a then aspiring racer and an established systems engineer with over 15 years of experience in the field and education from the country's leading IT university.

     MAD racing aims to make rally raids accessible (including financially), convenient, and as safe as possible for both professional and novice racers.

     The MAD racing rally team, which consists of the company's employees, wins races in different parts of the world and shares their achievements in the media and social networks, showcasing the technical superiority of MAD racing equipment and drawing attention to the sport.

     Follow us on social networks, as well as on the social networks of the team's lead racer and company founder, Dmitry Mazanov.

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